Why should your favourite producer or cheesemonger be on Fetaccompli?

In my previous blog, I look at the ways in which cheese is playing catch-up with other industries; and introduce what was behind bringing the idea of Fetaccompli to life.

How do people find your cheese? How do they know it’s any good?

We are social animals. There’s no getting away from it. Technology is ever-changing but the fact remains: we make decisions, and we buy, based on social proof. And if you’re a cheese producer, that matters to your bottom line.

So someone looking to buy cheese might know that there’s something better than what they’re about to chuck in their trolley in the supermarket, but how do they find it? And how do they know that your cheese is better?

If you got your phone out and checked that own-brand supermarket cheddar, only to find it’s got 2 stars – would you buy it? Do you want a 2* toastie? (Full disclosure, I always want a cheese toastie whether it’s 2* or not) Do you want a 2* cheeseboard? (I suppose it’s better than no cheese board at all, but still…) 

Ok, how about this. Would you tell people you were making them a 2* toastie, any more than you would tell your significant other you were taking them to a 2* restaurant, followed by a hotel with a 2* rating on Tripadvisor?

Forget that. At best, you’re looking at a very cold shoulder. At worst, free and very intrusive surgery.

Now, would you tell people if you were making them a 5* toastie? What about treating someone special in your life to a 5* restaurant?

I think the answer would be different.

So, how many stars would your cheese get? 

How do people know where to buy your cheese?

93% of consumers use the internet to find local businesses. 

90% read at least one online review before deciding to visit a business.

So, people might know they want better quality cheese. They want to know the story behind it and they want to find someone who speaks with knowledge and passion about it. They want to support local businesses, and even better if those local businesses can serve you online.

Where are they going to find you? Where are they going to find what cheeses you sell? How are they going to know what you already know – that you’re pouring your heart and soul into sourcing and selling incredible produce fit to grace anyone’s dinner table?

With Christmas on the horizon – they’re making their list, they’re checking it twice – they want to know whether their spending is naughty or nice.

We spend £2bn each year on cheese at Christmas alone(!), or in other words  that’s £40 per person burning a hole in pockets across the country, with people most looking to buy 5 different cheeses as well as crackers and accompaniments. Remember – 9 out of 10 of us read at least one online review before deciding to visit a business, and as they’re looking for cheese – those reviews need to be specific.

So, how many stars would your shop get?