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No peeking!

(Just like your cheese, this page will be at its best in time for Christmas)

When I started Fetaccompli, the idea was simple - to create somewhere to rate, review & discover cheese from the world's finest producers.

Fetaccompli is now home to 1,000 different cheeses from 200 producers, all available to rate & review.

Now here's the fun part - where I get to help you discover them all too.

Welcome to Fetaccompli. Have a very Merry Christmas.


Leo Phillips
Cheese Dreamer


Find out how to get the best out of your cheese this Christmas with our free festive guide!

Fetaccompli works tirelessly to find the best cheese (and accompaniments) direct to your door. How you enjoy your cheese is, of course, up to you - we've prepared a guide that we think you might find helpful.


Your box...

🐑 We've partnered with Woolcool to bring you your cheese in tip-top condition.

Natural, sustainable, and a superior insulator - the wool is washed before being inserted into the recyclable wrap that lovingly keeps your cheese chilled.

Let Fetaccompli have it back to return it, or re-use it yourself! It's great for crafting, for pets, or in the garden for hanging baskets or over-wintering tender plants. (My Nan would be so proud!)

“The system of eco-friendly insulated packaging is nothing short of revolutionary.” Fortnum & Mason.


Your ice packs...

We're commited to keeping your cheese cool for the duration of its journey.

We're using water-based ice packs in your box. Once they've got to you, they can be re-used on picnics or anywhere else you might need to keep your cool.

Don't panic if they've melted! (All that means is that they've expended that energy keeping your cheese cool - thanks ice packs!)

If you don't want to re-use them, the contents can be safely poured down the drain with some hot water. The plastic? That's LDPE Recyclable 4 - so they're widely recycled.

If your council won’t take it, you can recycle them with shopping bags which all supermarkets take 👍


Your tape and stickers...

We're commited to getting your cheese safely to your door.

Not only is our colourful tape made from kraft paper to make recycling a breeze - it's reinforced, making it both strong & tamper-resistant.

We understand first impressions count, but we want to spend money on cheese - not packaging. We didn't want endless flyers that just get thrown away or loads of plastic.

Simply scan the QR code - it's your ticket to a wonderful cheese journey 🤳


Need some help?

Fetaccompli aims to blow its members away with every delivery. We vary our cheese selections to give you variety and introduce you to something new.

We love kind feedback as much the next person, but we're aware that things  don't always work out as planned.

If your experience hasn't exceeded your expectations, we would love your feedback and for you to allow us the opportunity to put it right.

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