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When I started Fetaccompli, the idea was simple - to create somewhere to rate, review & discover cheese from the world's finest producers.

Fetaccompli is now home to 1,000 different cheeses from 200 producers, all available to rate & review.

Now here's the fun part - where I get to help you discover them all too.

Welcome to the Fetaccompli Cheese Club.


Leo Phillips
Cheese Dreamer

It is my pleasure - and privilege - to introduce this month's selection of cheeses...


Rich, buttery & nutty flavours bring together Swiss origins & the ideal milk from Ayrshire


Hafod is produced using the raw (unpasteurised) milk from the farm’s 80 Ayrshire cows. Ayrshire milk is rich in butterfat and protein and is widely regarded as being ideally suited to cheesemaking. It is this unique combination of organic Ayrshire milk and traditional cheesemaking techniques that gives Hafod its buttery, rich and nutty flavours.

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Cashel blue

Based on a recipe from 1984, and still going strong

Cashel Blue Organic


Characterful but not strong, made to a recipe from 1984 - the youngest Cashel Blues are pleasant, firm and creamy-edged with an established blue character offset by a mouth-watering tanginess. With time Cashel Blue becomes creamier and indeed more balanced in flavour as the saltiness, blueness and gentle milky elements integrate together. From 3 months a gentle touch of spice may become apparent, becoming increasingly unctuous in texture with age.

A note from Fetaccompli
I know that blue cheese may not be to everyone's taste, but I'm committed to introducing you to new things and broadening your horizons.

As I heard someone put it recently, "if you can open a mouth, you can open a mind".

I hope this crowdpleasing blue goes some way to achieving that.

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This one is a bit special...


For the last 30 years Curworthy Cheese has been made at Stockbeare Farm situated in the mid Devon countryside under the shadow of Dartmoor - a perfect area for grass growing with its unique climate of rain and humidity. The milk is sourced from a single herd grazed outside in the fields during the summer months, and delivered early in the morning after milking has finished, and pasteurised to make this award winning cheese.

This is where it gets even more interesting... as Meldon adds a twist, combining this original Curworthy with Chiltern Ale Mustart - a whole-grain variety, blended with spices, a hint of garlic and Chiltern ale made near Aylesbury in Bucks.

I have to ask - what's not to like?

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Red wine Farmer

A cheese that has won more awards than Switzerland has mountains

Affineur Walo Red Wine Farmer

Cheese, what you like about it - and what you don't - is an intensely personal experience.

That said, I LOVE this cheese. It's a game-changer for me and where it's taken me on my own cheese journey.

It's delightfully firm, and matured with red wine for 6 months - leaving a strong and spicy flavour with just a hint of the red wine remaining. Produced in Switzerland, affinated in Bern, and the culmination of more than 150 years of family expertise in cheese production. Affineur Walo believes cheese tells you a story and has been at the forefront of fighting for traditional cheesemaking, in the face of the neutral and sterile alternative.

It's quite simply wonderful - and I hope you like it as much as I do.

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Now, hear me out...


No- no- no-, no-torious. Epoisses comes with quite the reputation and packs quite the punch - something you might expect from a cheese that hails from just before the French Revolution. It's a raw milk, washed rind cheese which is intensely seasonal - which is why it's in this month's box.

A note from Fetaccompli
It's oozy and it's unctous - and I assure you it smells stronger than it tastes. You might get a hit of garlic, of mushroom, maybe even a hint of the farmyard.

You'll have to trust me and try it. For a cheese that very nearly died out - you owe it that chance.


Your relish...

Cooking the rhubarb slowly with onions, ginger and Serenade chillies giving lovely warmth and balancing the rhubarb - this is a really lovely and versatile chutney from The Preservation Society.

Delicious with BBQ'd lamb, great with a goats cheese tart, sublime with smoked trout canapes and lovely with a smoked duck salad too!

Want to know something even better? It will go perfectly with your cheese.


Your crackers...

Some places will charge you extra for relish and crackers, but as an impatient glutton who wants everything NOW - I'm making sure you get everything you need in every single box too.

While you can always use cheese itself as an ersatz cracker for MORE CHEESE, it seems more polite to use these deliciously subtle, traditional accompaniments from Stornoway.

Be sure to let me know what you think of your accompaniments 😊


Find out how to get the best out of your cheese today with our free guide

Fetaccompli works tirelessly to find the best cheese (and accompaniments) direct to your door. How you enjoy your cheese is, of course, up to you - we've prepared a guide that we think you might find helpful.


Your box...

🐑 We've partnered with Woolcool to bring you your cheese in tip-top condition.

Natural, sustainable, and a superior insulator - the wool is washed before being inserted into the recyclable wrap that lovingly keeps your cheese chilled.

Let Fetaccompli have it back to return it, or re-use it yourself! It's great for crafting, for pets, or in the garden for hanging baskets or over-wintering tender plants. (My Nan would be so proud!)

“The system of eco-friendly insulated packaging is nothing short of revolutionary.” Fortnum & Mason.


Your ice packs...

We're commited to keeping your cheese cool for the duration of its journey.

We're using gel-based ice packs in your box this month. Once they've got to you, they can be re-used on picnics or anywhere else you might need to keep your cool. Don't panic if they've melted! (All that means is that they've expended that energy keeping your cheese cool - thanks ice packs!)

If you don't want to re-use them, the contents can be safely poured down the drain with some hot water. The plastic? That's LDPE Recyclable 4 - so they're widely recycled.

If your council won’t take it, you can recycle them with shopping bags which all supermarkets take 👍


Your tape and stickers...

We're commited to getting your cheese safely to your door.

Not only is our colourful tape made from kraft paper to make recycling a breeze - it's reinforced, making it both strong & tamper-resistant.

We understand first impressions count, but we want to spend money on cheese - not packaging. We didn't want endless flyers that just get thrown away or loads of plastic.

Simply scan the QR code - it's your ticket to a wonderful cheese journey 🤳


Need some help?

Fetaccompli aims to blow its members away with every delivery. We vary our cheese selections to give you variety and introduce you to something new.

We love kind feedback as much the next person, but we're aware that things  don't always work out as planned.

If your experience hasn't exceeded your expectations, we would love your feedback and for you to allow us the opportunity to put it right.

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