When I started Fetaccompli, the idea was simple - to create somewhere to rate, review & discover cheese from the world's finest producers.

Fetaccompli is now home to 1,000 different cheeses from 200 producers, all available to rate & review.

Now here's the fun part - where I get to help you discover them all too.

Welcome to Fetaccompli.


Leo Phillips
Cheese Dreamer

#1 Cricket st. thomas

A rockstar goats cheese making a break for the mainstream


Cricket St. Thomas' Capricorn Goats cheese has a particularly mild, clean and slightly nutty flavour and can be enjoyed at different stages of maturity.

Even better - their goats cheese is suitable for vegetarians and is VegSoc approved.

#2 Simon weaver Organic Cotswold Brie

3rd generation farmers know that happy cows make great-tasting cheese

simon weaver


"Cotswold Brie is a delicious white, soft moulded cheese, produced from our organic milk. It has a rich creamy, clean and fresh taste, and while it continues to develop flavour over its life, it doesn’t become a pungent cheese. Simon Weaver's Organic Cotswold Brie is ideal for eating as a light lunch, perhaps with just a beautiful crisp English apple; it is equally at home on a dinner party cheese board."


This quality focused farmhouse is the business when it comes to making cheese


"Rollright is a soft cheese banded in spruce bark. A delicate, peachy-pink rind ripens the cheese within to a rich, spoonable texture. David fell in love with this style of cheese in his first job as a cheesemonger and then the relationship was cemented during a trip to the Jura with Ivan Larcher in 2010.

Named for the Neolithic Rollright stones on the Oxfordshire/ Warwickshire borders. The stones stand close to the original site of the Dairy, just outside Chipping Norton in Oxfordshire.

Pair with a chilled glass of sparkling white or a rich Chardonnay with a touch of oak. Serve alongside cornichons and charcuterie for a rich umami feast."

We don't need to be asked twice.

#4 Fleet valley blue

The Ethical Dairy's key tenets are respect and kindness - they produce remarkable cheese


"A rich, ripened, semi-hard blue cheese with sweet and savoury characteristics. Fleet Valley Blue has a buttery, mellow and savoury flavour with steely blue vein notes and a faint sweetness. The aroma is earthy and the texture firm and supple with a creamy finish.

Fleet Valley Blue cheese is made from unpasteurised milk from our farm based in the Fleet Valley in south west Scotland. This is an unpressed cheese, ripened over 3-4 months with an evenly spread veining of blue and grey."

#5 smoked DORSET RED



Dorset Red is then cold-smoked over oak chips, overnight, which bestows it with its distinctive, mellow, smoky flavour.

"A fresh, vibrant red wine will complement the mellow, lightly smoked flavours of the delicious Dorset Red. The ripe cherry flavours of a Chilean Pinot Noir would be perfect, perhaps the Montes Alpha Pinot Noir or maybe Allegrini’s Valpolicella from the Veneto in Italy" - say Morrish & Banham, specialist wine merchants in Dorchester – and who are we to disagree!

Dorset Red has achieved several medals over the years. Ford Farm also receive hundreds of unsolicited e mails from the general public, lauding its deliciously distinctive flavour. "In fact one little boy who must be our biggest fan is utterly hooked and would favour Dorset Red over chocolate every time!"

Why not try it for yourself?

#6 Young Buck

A swashbuckling newcomer to the cheese scene...


A blue cheese that began with a recipe from 1917, but only came to life through Michael Thomson's sheer dedication to realising his ambition of making a raw milk blue cheese in Northern Ireland. Still not contemporary enough for you? Michael found 100 investors that believed in it as much as he did. Crowdfunding isn't just for tech - it's for cheese too.

Young Buck is very much in a stilton-type vein but with a twist - the clue is in the name, this young blue is aged to three months where you'll find the rounded, peppery flavours we love in blue cheese. Once again, it's highlighted by the perfect pairing.

Now, where did I put that port?


Saving wood, doing good...

I believe business is bout more than just making money. We've had recyclable packaging from the very start, but for a while now I've been wondering how Fetaccompli can do more.

Then one of my best friends told me about their work with FoodCycle...

"We are FoodCycle, and our vision is to make food poverty, loneliness and food waste a thing of the past for every community. With community dining, week in, week out we feed the hungry and give company to the lonely in our communities; providing delicious meals and great conversation, and using food which would otherwise go to waste."

I think countering hunger, loneliness and waste are values that resonate with everyone, especially at Christmas. So I'm commiting to making a donation to FoodCycle with every Fetaccompli box, and not just for Christmas - but backdated to the very start.

As Fetaccompli grows, so will the impact of our members - purpose beyond profit.


Your relish...

Did you know that 7.2 million tons of food & drink are thrown away each year? If we stop wasting food that could have been eaten, the benefit to the planet would be the equivalent of taking 1 in 4 cars off the road.

That's why we love Rubies in the Rubble - who make their delicious condiments using surplus ingredients.

Want to know something even better? It will go perfectly with your cheese.


Your crackers...

As an impatient glutton who wants everything NOW - I'm making sure you get everything you need in every Fetaccompli box.

While you can always use cheese itself as an ersatz cracker for MORE CHEESE, it seems more polite to use these deliciously subtle, wheat & charcoal creations.

Be sure to let me know what you think of your accompaniments 😊


Find out how to get the best out of your cheese this Christmas with our free festive guide!

Fetaccompli works tirelessly to find the best cheese (and accompaniments) direct to your door. How you enjoy your cheese is, of course, up to you - we've prepared a guide that we think you might find helpful.


Your box...

🐑 We've partnered with Woolcool to bring you your cheese in tip-top condition.

Natural, sustainable, and a superior insulator - the wool is washed before being inserted into the recyclable wrap that lovingly keeps your cheese chilled.

Let Fetaccompli have it back to return it, or re-use it yourself! It's great for crafting, for pets, or in the garden for hanging baskets or over-wintering tender plants. (My Nan would be so proud!)

“The system of eco-friendly insulated packaging is nothing short of revolutionary.” Fortnum & Mason.


Your ice packs...

We're commited to keeping your cheese cool for the duration of its journey.

We're using water-based ice packs in your box. Once they've got to you, they can be re-used on picnics or anywhere else you might need to keep your cool.

Don't panic if they've melted! (All that means is that they've expended that energy keeping your cheese cool - thanks ice packs!)

If you don't want to re-use them, the contents can be safely poured down the drain with some hot water. The plastic? That's LDPE Recyclable 4 - so they're widely recycled.

If your council won’t take it, you can recycle them with shopping bags which all supermarkets take 👍


Your tape and stickers...

We're commited to getting your cheese safely to your door.

Not only is our colourful tape made from kraft paper to make recycling a breeze - it's reinforced, making it both strong & tamper-resistant.

We understand first impressions count, but we want to spend money on cheese - not packaging. We didn't want endless flyers that just get thrown away or loads of plastic.

Simply scan the QR code - it's your ticket to a wonderful cheese journey 🤳


Need some help?

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