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Origin: Berkshire, England

“Village Maid Cheese’s Waterloo is a semi-soft cheese made from unpasteurised Guernsey cow’s milk with a vegetarian rennet. Waterloo has a rich creamy flavour emanating from its naturally golden centre.

Waterloo is made using a washed curd method which dilutes the acidity to achieve a soft, gentle flavour. Its distinctive yellow colour is due to the natural carotene in the unpasteurised Guernsey milk which comes from a single herd of pedigree Guernsey cows.”

– Village Maid Cheese

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Reviews from the Fetaccompli community

Bitter Butter

by matthew.ibbs@gmail.com on 10 July 2022

Slightly bitter but otherwise delicious soft cheese. Would def have again. Would go well with wine.

Buttery deliciousness

by SP on 10 July 2022

We got a very generous piece of this cheese as part of the Fetaccompli subscription box. Half a small round arrived in excellent condition and I couldn’t wait to peel back the paper wrapping and sneak a taste.
First impression is that it’s an incredibly smooth soft cheese, with a delicious mouth-filling buttery taste. I can see why this has done so well at awards and is certainly a cheese I will be buying again whenever I see it


by Jon S on 7 July 2022

Extremely smooth, creamy cheese with a pleasing golden colour. Mild and likely to be popular with casuals and enthusiasts.

Mellow yellow

by chrisderoux on 4 July 2022

It's striking yellow centre draws you in. A brie/camembert style local cheese with a velvety texture. It has that addictive salty creamy flavour with a bit of tang that makes it more interesting than a Somerset brie. Pairs nicely with Rubies Classis Apple Relish and Miller's ale crackers which conveniently came with my first Fetacommpli cheese box delivery!

Nice buttery soft cheese

by Leo Phillips on 11 May 2021

Creamy, buttery soft cheese with a lactic finish. Slight yellow colour makes it stand out ahead of other similar cheeses, and it’s nice to have such a lovely little cheese produced locally.

Bought from Partisan, Guildford.