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Milk Type: Cow
Dietary: Pasteurised, Vegetarian
Origin: Gloucestershire, England

“Charles Martell & Son’s Slack-ma-Girdle is a full fat soft cheese made with pasteurised cows’ milk and non-animal rennet. A soft almost runny cheese with a natural mouldy rind. It has a delicate slightly lemony flavour deepening to a buttery taste and creamy texture on ageing. The cheese is wrapped and boxed individually. The colour of the rind can vary from green to brown via grey depending on the time of year.

Slack-ma-Girdle gets its name from a variety of apple grown regionally. The cheese was developed in 2016, in response to demand for a non-smelly variety for the warmer months of the year. However demand has dictated that is now made year round. Unlike Stinking Bishop the rind is not washed and paradoxically doesn’t smell!”

– Charles Martell & Son

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Proper stinky cheese

by on 30 June 2021

Great alternative to stinking bishop. Great talking point at a recent BBQ means everyone willing to try