Ribblesdale Blue Goat’s Cheese

(5 reviews)
Milk Type: Goat
Dietary: Pasteurised, Vegetarian
Origin: Yorkshire, England

A fabulous semi-soft, gentle blue goat’s cheese. Creamy and tangy without being overpowering. If you’re not sure about blue cheese, Ribblesdale Blue Goat is an ideal place to start.

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Reviews from the Fetaccompli community

New territory

by Matty on 11 May 2021

Soft and mellow but with the startings of blue punchiness – the blue doesn’t overtake and just adds to the flavour like nothing I’ve ever had before. An all-round great cheese.

Gentle, mellow and delicious

by Leo Phillips on 11 May 2021

The first goats’ cheese blue I think I’ve tried. Wonderful creativity and it works wonderfully. More on the blue spectrum and not typical of goats cheese, but really lovely and well worth a try.

Really loved this

by AussieCheeseLover on 7 July 2020

I tried this from Heritage Cheese at Borough Market – it’s not the cheese I would have chosen but really glad I tried as it was a real find. It’s a bit unusual in being a blue and a goats; I’m used to big banging blues like Stilton and although this one is much gentler it is still absolutely delicious. Would recommend.

Crowd pleaser

by chrisderoux on 7 July 2020

When the hit our cheeseboard, everyone was impressed. It has a complex, nutty, creamy flavour. A long lasting aftertaste but you won’t want it to go away. Lovely stuff

One of the best cheeses I’ve ever had

by smellmycheese on 4 July 2020

Wow what a cheese this is. Nutty dutty taste almost going into Parmesan territory. You get a hint of blue but you still know it’s goat. Refreshing and moreish. I want more!