Redwine Raclette

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Milk Type: Cow
Dietary: Animal Rennet, Raw milk, Unpasteurised
Origin: Fribourg, Switzerland

Semi-hard cheese refined with red wine for 4 months, mildly spicy with a hint of red wine. Naturally matured in moist and warm cellars.

Ideal for raclette, warm cuisine but also as a light dessert cheese.

“Fondue and Raclette are the two national dishes in Switzerland. But there are many varieties and producers, and I thought a Raclette form Affineur Walo is not needed.

But as I am Swiss customer kept on asking me for a raclette cheese, and in the end, I gave in and agreed to create a Raclette cheese. As always, I wanted to offer something special, but everything existed already. I have talked to a lot of cheese makers and customers, but I could not find the unique Idea and I decided to stop the project.

But suddenly, I looked at my Red Nose, Gold Label and my Redwine Farmer cheese and I thought I could try to refine the raclette cheese with red wine. The cellar master said you cannot do this but after long discussions he was ready to give it a try. After 4 months we had a perfect raclette cheese with an incredibly special red wine note. The Affineur Walo red wine raclette was born, with the typical dark rind, delicately melting, with a fine red wine taste”

– Affineur Walo

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