Pitchfork Cheddar

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Milk Type: Cow
Dietary: Animal Rennet, Unpasteurised
Origin: Somerset, England

“Trethowan Brothers’ Pitchfork Cheddar is made only 5 miles away from Cheddar itself, using traditional methods before being cloth-bound with lard. The name ‘Pitchfork’ originates from the way in which cheddar was historically made, when old farming tools were used to toss the curd whilst mixing in the sale. We still use similar methods today with contemporary additions to this heritage process. Pitchfork is matured with us for an exceptional 10 -12 months, to develop its signature flavour. ​We are proud that our approach and commitment to producing a raw milk, organic, slow matured Cheddar Cheese is winning global awards and gaining a global reputation and are confident that you will love our Pitchfork Cheddar as much as we do.

– Trethowan Brothers

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Reviews from the Fetaccompli community

Pitchforked it all into my mouth & tum-tum

by matthew.ibbs@gmail.com on 8 December 2022

Quite unlike other cheddars, what a lovely thing. Would like to eat again.

We’re nuts about this one…

by AC on 12 November 2022

Excuse the pun above but this is a very nutty Cheddar. Both my partner and I enjoyed and thought it was really well rounded. We didn't feel it was special enough for a 5 star review but don't let that kid you into thinking that it isn't a very enjoyable flavour. Absolutely worth a try.