Original cheese

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Milk Type: Cow
Dietary: Pasteurised, Vegetarian
Origin: Northumberland, England

We wanted to produce a cheese that would appeal to all cheese fans, one that would make a perfect cheese sandwich, and something on the cheese board that would suit everyone. The milk for our Original cheese comes from Northumberland Farms. Hot water is added to the curds for extra sweetness, producing a perfectly balanced cheese, with a clean, gentle flavour. Northumberland Original is a mild handmade cows’ milk cheese, which is extremely versatile in the kitchen. A cool, silky texture bursts into a rich, buttery flavour with a satisfying finish. This cheese melts super smoothly, so it is perfect for sauces, on toast, or just as it comes. Original is based on a Gouda recipe. It is matured for 3 months, to develop its delicious flavour.

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