Olde Yorke

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Milk Type: Sheep
Dietary: Vegetarian
Origin: Yorkshire, England

“Olde York is a soft white cheese made using the coulommier method. After gently layering the curds into the moulds, we leave them to set under their own weight. The resulting delicate texture means Olde York slices easily straight from the fridge. Or if you let it stand a while, it warms to an indulgently creamy spreadability. We wax Olde York to preserve its fresh flavour and texture, and the cheese’s many accolades include being chosen for British Airways’ Concorde menu in the 1990s. Olde York, along with Yorkshire Fettle, was part of our inaugural cheese range from the 1980s, and both remain firm favourites.

Tasting Notes: Olde York is soft, creamy and refreshing on the palate. This cheese makes a smashing accompaniment to champagne and strawberries.”

– Shepherds Purse

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