Nettle cheese

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Milk Type: Cow
Dietary: Pasteurised, Vegetarian
Origin: Northumberland, England

Northumberland Nettle is one of our bestselling cheeses, and for good reason. Made with cows’ milk from Northumberland Farms, this is delicious Northumberland Original recipe, with the addition of real nettles. For those who have not tried it, nettles may seem like a peculiar addition to cheese, but in actual fact, nettles can be used to coagulate milk in place of rennet! We make our cheese with vegetarian rennet, so the nettles are not really functional… but you could say it was the inspiration. We actually find the addition of nettles encourages the beautiful creaminess of the Gouda-influenced cheese. We promise the nettles won’t sting you! This cheese is matured for 3 months which allows the subtle flavour to develop, and it gives the cheese a fantastic, well-rounded maturity which doesn’t overpower the gentle taste experience. The nettles bring a subtle but complex dimension to the cheese; they truly enhance the rich and creamy qualities of the cheese. With its gorgeous, green-flecked appearance, this cheese is certainly a talking point on the cheese board. Team it with Oak-Smoked, for a proper bestsellers cheese board. Or it’s fabulous with courgette on a vegetarian pizza! Nettle herb mix (Nettles, Chive, Parsley, Onion, Garlic)

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