Katy’s White Lavender

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Milk Type: Sheep
Dietary: Vegetarian
Origin: Yorkshire, England

“They thought we were bonkers. Yet the unlikely pairing of cheese and lavender makes a mindblowingly delicious cheese. Made with ewes’ milk, we roll the cheese in dried lavender flowers. Left to mature over a number of weeks, the delicate lavender flavour infuses the creamy, crumbly cheese to stunning effect. It launched in 2003 in collaboration with another famous Yorkshire export, Yorkshire lavender. With its unique balance of flavour, Katy’s White Lavender is fantastic on any cheese board and delightful in salads too.

Tasting Notes: Katy’s White Lavender is matured in Yorkshire Lavender. Combined with the meadowy sweetness of ewes’ milk, this delicately fragrant cheese is a genuine taste sensation. If you want to spark a conversation around the cheeseboard, pick this.

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