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Milk Type: Cow
Dietary: Unpasteurised, Vegetarian
Origin: England


“Isle of Wight Cheese Co’s Gallybagger is an unpasteurised cheddar type that is 4-5 months old on average. We class it as a modern British hard cheese and it is made loosely to a cheddar recipe. It is pressed in modern Dutch Gouda moulds which give it its continental shape.

The 5kg cheeses age on locally sourced Lawson Cypress wooden shelves and these shelves help contribute to the moulds that you find on the rind and the subsequent flavours inside the cheese.

This is a cheese that is made all year round in small quantities of around 100kg a week. As a result, very little of it ever leaves the Island and the only places to find it are in the island’s local restaurants and delicatessens.”

– Isle of Wight Cheese Co

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