Extra Mature Cheddar – 15 Months Matured

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Milk Type: Cow
Dietary: Unpasteurised, Vegetarian
Origin: Somerset, England

“Cheddar Gorge Cheese Co’s authentic Extra Mature Cheddar – 15 Months Aged has a firm body and a strong flavour.

Bright on the palate – this cheese is a lovely bridging gap between youth and old age. It stands up as an excellent cheddar in its own right. It also makes a superb cheese in any recipe where cheddar is called for. The extra flavour intensity brings any cheese dish truly alive!

Tasting notes – Any of our chutneys and pickles with simple crackers will make a delicious cheese board. How about a few grapes or even a classic fig jam? Medium reds, such a Pinot Noir or a Shiraz with its peppery tones, make a great wine accompaniment. A classic Oaked Chardonnay would be a bold white to match the bite. A good craft wheat beer will also go down extremely well!


– Cheddar Gorge Cheese Co

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