Cumberland Farmhouse

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Milk Type: Cow
Dietary: Animal Rennet, Unpasteurised
Origin: Cumbria, England


“A smooth, buttery, traditional smallholders cheese made from the raw milk of a single herd of Shorthorn cows which enjoy grazing the Rich pastures of the Solway Plain, to the North of the Lake District in Cumbria. This smooth buttery cheese defines this area south of the Solway Estuary which was once renowned for buttermaking.

Made by Carolyn in open vats then pressed and bound in cloth and matured for around 5 months (occasionally up to 1 year)  Cheeses are turned every week.

A Classic English cheese. In creating Cumberland Farmhouse Carolyn’s aim was to give Cumbria it’s very own Territorial. Something that could be eaten every day, that was nutritious and reflected the nationally significant dairying traditions of the County.”

– Thornby Moor Dairy

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