Cheddar with Cider, Garlic & Chives

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Milk Type: Cow
Dietary: Unpasteurised, Vegetarian
Origin: Somerset, England

“Cheddar Gorge Cheese Co’s Cheddar with Cider, Garlic and Chives is an excellent combination! We use local Somerset cider, minced garlic and the chives provide an irresistible sweet onion tang. The result is a smooth and creamy cheddar with a hint of apple cider sweetness. Our most popular flavour.

There’s flavoured cheese and there’s FLAVOURED CHEESE!

This cheese is made the traditional way just like our flagship traditional cheddars, however, just before we fill the moulds, we mix in these three delicious ingredients. Once evenly distributed, we fill the moulds and press the cheeses the usual way. We mature them for six months after which time the flavours have melded and mingled with the maturing cheese curd. The result is something special. Customers often ask us why we ‘mess around with our traditional cheddar’. Mess around we do not, unlike the ubiquitous highly coloured, ‘packed with bits’ flavoured cheddars, our flavoured cheddars are different. They’re gentle, they’re tasty, they’re mellow and the flavours develop on the tongue and last.

No additives, no preservatives, no chemical aftertaste here.

Not everyone likes strong, traditional, rinded cheddars, so we’ve experimented with good quality ingredients which marry well with our young cheddar texture and taste.

We only make a few of these to compliment our range & to tempt those of you who like young cheddar with some flavour oomph!

– Cheddar Gorge Cheese Co

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