Norton & Yarrow Cheese

“Norton and Yarrow Cheese make award winning artisan goats’ cheese. We are based at the Earth Trust Farm near Shillingford in South Oxfordshire.

We make two cheeses. Our first cheese, Sinodun Hill, is an aged lactic goats cheese pyramid based on a traditional French recipe. It was launched in March 2016 and was awarded ‘Best New Cheese’ at the Artisan Cheese Awards in April 2017, as well as Gold Medals in 2017 and 2018, and at the World Cheese Awards won a Silver in 2017 and Gold in 2018. Our second cheese, Brightwell Ash, was launched in spring 2019 and is an ashed goats cheese disc with a natural rind.

We have our own herd of pedigree Anglo Nubian goats – the ‘Jersey Cow’ of the goat world. We hope you will love the cheese as much as we do!”

– Norton & Yarrow Cheese