Curworthy Cheese

“For the last 30 years Curworthy Cheese has been made at Stockbeare Farm situated in the mid Devon countryside under the shadow of Dartmoor. A perfect area for grass growing with its unique climate of rain and humidity.

The milk is sourced from Dunstaple Farm Holsworthy – a single herd grazed outside in the fields during the summer months.It is delivered early in the morning after milking has finished pasteurised to make this award winning cheese. Curworthy is a full fat hard cheese with a creamy light buttery taste when young and developing into a full flavoured mellowness when aged. The curd after pressing overnight in traditional presses is then matured in special temperature controlled ripening rooms. No colouring or preservatives whatsoever are added – except salt which enhances the flavour and lengthens the cheese’s life”

– Curworthy Cheese