An introduction to Fetaccompli

I love cheese. Scratch that – I love to eat.

For me, cheese has a special place. There are those of us in the world who have the privilege of being able to eat not just as a necessity, but also as another means of bringing us joy – I believe that cheese spans both.

While most of us do our shopping in supermarkets, the local cheese aisle can be a sobering experience. For something as wondrous as cheese, it does an amazing job of stripping all the wonder away with uniform shapes and sizes presented to you in a sea of plastic. Even the exclusive “Specialty Cheese” area that’s sectioned off is rarely anything but.

Let’s be honest – you and I know both that just doesn’t cut it anymore. People want something more.

An Untappd for Cheese

But how do you break out of this walled garden? Where can you find your own Aladdin’s Cave of cheese? A flood of fromage? Heaps of halloumi? A bounty of blue? A cornucopia of camembert?

94% of people rely on online reviews – so if you do find yourself lost in the supermarket – reach for your phone and bring up Fetaccompli.

If you’re trying to find out whether that £15 bottle of wine is going to complement the beautiful meal you’re cooking, you check Vivino.

What about that £7 can of fabulously flavoured craft beer? You check Untappd.

So where is “the Vivino for cheese”? Surely there’s got to be one.

Where is “the Untappd for cheese”? You know, I can’t find anything.

That was me! I wanted a Vivino for cheese. I wanted an Untappd for cheese. Why isn’t there a place where producers & retailers can have all their content – and customers – in one place?

That’s what I thought. And that’s why I created Fetaccompli.

Be Part of a Community of Cheese-Lovers

Fetaccompli is the only community in which to rate, review & discover cheese.

The UK alone offers a smorgasbord of  over 1,500 cheeses. But where are you supposed to start when it comes to choosing one? With Fetaccompli, we are helping individuals find the right cheese for them, based on dietary requirements and preferences. 

Using technology, people can search Fetaccompli’s deliciously detailed cheese database before buying, and check crowd-powered reviews to put together a show-stopping cheeseboard – or just to make the perfect cheese toastie.

Fetaccompli connects cheese-lovers (that’s 98% of UK households by the way! The average Brit scoffs 30g a day) with smaller producers & specialist retailers – helping to raise awareness of UK artisanal produce and encouraging people to shop with small, local businesses either on the high street or online.

We are championing producers who make cheese using sustainable, traditional methods and enticing people away from mass-produced, plastic-wrapped, homogenous supermarket options in the pursuit of something better.

Raising the Profile of Artisan Cheese

Until Fetaccompli, there was no platform to connect all producers & retailers with cheese-loving consumers.

Even the biggest cheesemonger can’t bring every cheese together in one place like Fetaccompli.

Too many people simply don’t know about the wonderful produce they could be getting. Fetaccompli is solving that problem by making that cheese more accessible: taking a niche industry into the mainstream.

Cheese is a £2.9bn industry. We love it! 98% of UK households buy it. The average consumer eats 30g a day (if you don’t, I’ve probably got you covered). Our fabulous British and Irish producers – the vast majority of which are innovative small businesses – employ 7,134 people. And there are at least 200 specialist retailers helping deliver their creations to us. Despite this, consumption of artisan cheese – some of the best in the world – accounts for only 1% of the market.

Helping the Cheese Industry to Thrive

At Fetaccompli, we’re on a mission to educate consumers to look beyond their supermarket aisles and to harness their desire for local, artisanal produce… all while reducing plastic waste and helping a market pushed to the brink by the Covid pandemic recover & expand like never before.

We’re going to help ensure that the cheese industry not only survives; but thrives.

And if you’re looking for non-dairy options, we also have you covered. We’re proud to support those going meat-free (an additional 12% in 2021), helping us lower food miles and carbon emissions.

In the last 15 years, we’ve seen the number of craft beer producers increase ten-fold; and an industry go from its little niche then, to a place today where every supermarket boasts its own craft beer section.

Fetaccompli is on a mission to make this happen for cheese.

A real cheese revolution.

We’re here to help today’s producers grow by selling more of their incredible award-winning cheeses; inspire more producers to do the same; and teach more people about better cheese and where to find it.

Join us!