Rate, review and discover your favourite cheeses from the world’s finest producers and retailers.

Fetaccompli is a community bringing together cheese-lovers from around the world – where you can rate, review & discover cheese.

By connecting you with the finest producers and retailers, we’ll help you discover new favourites and share your existing ones with others.

Whether you’re an Academy of Cheese graduate, a producer, a cheesemonger – or you’re just someone who loves to eat cheese (like me!), Fetaccompli is for you.

Use My Cheeseboard to curate your own collections. Found a cheese you love? Save it while you savour – never forget the name of that dreamy blue – or that perfect pairing.


Inspired by Britain’s vibrant cheese industry, which produces more than 1,000 cheeses – that’s 465,000 TONNES a year(!) – Fetaccompli seeks to celebrate the UK and Ireland’s finest creations, and beyond. 98% of UK households buy cheese.

On average, each of us scoffs 30g per day – don’t worry if you don’t, I’ve got you covered.

Many of the cheeses we celebrate are regional, seasonal and can be enjoyed right at the farm gate. We’re thrilled to share the provenance of cheese, as well as sharing a delicious way to eat & shop locally to reduce your carbon footprint and meat intake.

Not a fan of blue cheese (yet)? You’re not alone. It’s not for everyone, but Fetaccompli can help you – or someone you know – discover a beautiful, gentle blue that could be the start of a beautiful fromage-based friendship.

While not everyone is blessed with a great cheesemonger – particularly while we’ve been stuck at home – Fetaccompli makes great, artisanal cheese more accessible than ever before.


10-20% of people in the UK have lactose intolerance, 7% are vegetarian; and the number of vegans have doubled to 1.16% of the population – and if you fall into any of those categories, Fetaccompli is here to help you too.

We’ll help you identify the best vegetarian cheeses (many are created with traditional methods, using animal rennet) and the best non-dairy options, a range of vegan cheeses made using experience and techniques from the dairy industry.


Fetaccompli – Rate, review and discover your favourite cheeses from the world’s finest producers and retailers.